Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tutorial. 5 Petal Flowers

Hello all. It's being long time from my last tutorial. Ladies often asking me to make tutorial on how i making my flowers, and today i like to show you how to make 5 petals flowers. Well it's your choice on how many petals you like to make your flower.
Lets get started.
I used 1" wide ribbon, white pencil to make marks where i will stitch. And you need something round for the petals marks. As you can see, i used smaller ribbon topping.
Place your circle on the ribbon and draw a line around, with white pencil . Do this 5 times and it will make you 5 petals.

Then stitch true the marks

Now pull tread together and secure with stitching ends together

For the centre i chose glass pearl bead. You can add button or gems, whatever you like.

Now on the other side you can trim ribbon or wrap with floral tape add wire, some lives and put in the vase.

And now we have simple, but pretty flower, that we can use for anything; hair clips, scrap-booking, cards making, add to your dress...... you got the idea.
Please live me your comment if it's helpful to you, or if you have any questions, or what next tutorial would you like to see.
Happy crafting!!!
Hugs Nataliya.

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Mimi said...

Fabulous tutorial Nataliya and so cool to see how you make you gorgeous flowers :) :) xxxxxx