Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo Tutorial on Easel Card

My Friend Carly asked me how i made my Easel card. So many people doing different ways. So today i made  tutorial my way. Here i have White cardstock  folded 6x6", and one of my Fiskars  Super Shape Template. My Circle is 5". Place your Template little over your folded side of the card. I use Pencil to mark my Circle on the inside. If you have Grand size Die Cut, you can use same way, by rolling true your machine.
After you cut it out, you will have this shape
Here is the way you can fold your Easel card. Fold #1
Fold #2. For my cards i'm using #2 (i never try other one).
Next step to decorate with pattern paper. Made another Circle, same size as your base card
Use some sticky tape only on one half of your card, and stick to it your pattern paper
Now you need one more pattern paper to the bottom of your card. Make sure to put glue on your base card, and not on pattern paper. I tell you why.
Because our Base card not fully Circle (this is the fold of your base card), pattern paper will stick it out. Just fold your card on other side, and cut this piece out
Now you see how it's looks like, after you cut little piece of pattern paper
And now you have your Easel card. All i left to do is to put some image and decorate. One day you will see this card in finished touches.
And that is how i made my Whoopsi daisy DT card
I would love to know what you like about this tutorial, or what you don't like, so i can make better for next time. Thank you so much for your comments.
Hugs Nataliya

Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

As my blog Love Crafts Forever is having some problems, i have no choice, but open new one. I like to have name of this blog  Love For Craft Forever, so maybe people will recognized me and come visit me. I am really sad about my other blog, and at this moment i am trying to safe it, and pull out all bad links i have.
Well this is my first post here, and as you can see, i am very lonely here, so if you like to be my follower, i will be happy to have you.