Friday, March 16, 2012

Triple Easel Card Tutorial

First you will need for this Triple Easel card a Cardstock 11" x 5.5 ". Score on the middle by 5.5 "
Then one half you score one more time like you do your regular Easel card. This what you should have
Now we heed two of 5.5 " x 5.5 " squares. And you do the same, as first card. Fold on half, and one half, one more time on half
Now you must have two mini Easel cards
For me easy to glue this mini cards together if i add glue strip on the bottom of one card and i flip over other one up side down and put glue strip on the top part as you can see on this photo
Then you line up two card inside  like so
And make sure your lines with the glue goes perfectly together
After you did that, you will have this
Now flip over this cards and put glue strips on the top and the bottom
Now we need to add this mine Easels to our First big Easel card.  I start to glue them from the bottom , that way it will be all lined up, after your folds folded down.
Here is your card all ready to be decorated
After your folds down, your card should looks like this
And here is my finished card
Will like to know, what you think about this tutorial. I really hope you can use it.
Hugs Nataliya